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Commercial & Residential Spaces

Our patent-pending, custom integrated cooling and heating systems are designed so you can enjoy your outdoor space all year long, even in the intense Texas summer and winter months.

Integrated Cooling

JetStream offers the only concealed, ducted high pressure misting system on the market today.  Our proprietary, custom-designed cooling system is seamlessly integrated into your space, so it draws very little attention… until you turn it on and feel the cooler air!  You love your outdoor space… now you can enjoy it throughout the hot Texas summer months.

Infrared Heating

JetStream designs and installs outdoor heating components that fit your space perfectly.  Whether gas or electric, our infrared heating systems do not waste energy heating the air, which can be lost through drafts, opening doors or the natural circulation of air.  This results in a more comfortable and consistent warmth for you and your guests.

Call Us BEFORE You Build!

Let us coordinate with your builder or contractor to design a fully integrated, custom heating or cooling system that fits your space perfectly. For existing builds, call us to discuss how we can retrofit a system in your space.

Why Choose JetStream?

Because Nobody Does What We Do!

JetStream has developed a patent-pending, unique and innovative approach to integrating a proprietary, high-pressure cooling system as well as industry-leading heating components for your space.  Whether you’re a backyard warrior who wants to make your outdoor living space usable year round or a restaurant owner wanting to provide comfortable dining options to your clients during any season.  Our cooling system combines high pressure, low volume mist with high velocity air which causes flash evaporation. As the flash evaporation occurs, the surrounding heat is absorbed, resulting in the ambient temperature in the space to drop up to 25 degrees.

Our ducted cooling system requires accessible attic crawlspace with around two feet of space down the middle of the patio. If there’s a second story above the patio or outdoor area, our cooling boxes may be a better option for you.  It’s always better to consult with us before you build your patio or outdoor living space.  Call us today to discuss your project!

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Attention Bar & Restaurant Owners!

If you own a bar or restaurant in Texas, you’re losing money if your outdoor patios and covered areas sit empty during the hot summer or cold winter months.

A professionally installed outdoor restaurant cooling and heating system from JetStream can turn unusable outdoor restaurant seating into a comfortable profit center.

Fort Worth Outdoor Cooling And Heating Company

Work with the premier Fort Worth outdoor cooling and heating company and bring comfort to outdoor residential and commercial spaces. From restaurants and banquet halls to amusement parks, sporting events and even your own porch or outdoor kitchen, the team at JetStream Outdoor Cooling & Heating is ready to pair you with an effective solution!

Offering innovative outdoor cooling solutions

JetStream is a patio cooling and heating company in Fort Worth TX that has developed a proprietary method of cooling down outdoor spaces. Our cooling products and systems utilize what is known as “flash evaporation” to drive down temperatures in your outdoor space by up to 25 degrees! Here’s a quick overview of how it works.

  • The misters in our systems omit a fine mist that is delivered via a 1,000 PSI pump
  • Due to the low volume of water and the intense pressure, the mist evaporates quickly
  • This evaporation extracts the ambient heat in the air to cool the area
  • Unlike other misters, the area isn’t left with excessive moisture

Our outdoor cooling and heating company in Fort Worth TX can tailor a system to meet the needs of your outdoor space. We offer full, ducted systems that require an attic or crawl space to install — all of the hardware is hidden as not to hurt the aesthetic appeal of your venue.

If you do not have an attic or crawl space to work with, our Fort Worth patio cooling and heating company can provide you with standalone cooling boxes or high-pressure misting fans that can also effectively cool the area without detracting from the look or functionality of your space.

We also offer an exclusive annual service program that includes winterization and startup (inspecting, testing, draining lines, storing your pump).  No other company offers this service.  Plus, this service is included the first season for new clients at no charge!


Our Fort Worth outdoor cooling and heating company can keep your spaces warm

We don’t just specialize in cooling — when the weather turns nippy and you want outdoor areas to remain comfortable, JetStream provides an extensive menu of products to do the job.

Our heating solutions come in all different forms:

  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Even our high-tech infrared heating solutions

The staff of our patio cooling and heating company in Fort Worth TX always start by inspecting your space and learning what you want to achieve with our systems. From there, we can design the perfect set up that will deliver optimal comfort for you and your guests.

Our Fort Worth outdoor cooling and heating company has effectively enhanced the outdoor spaces of countless residential and commercial clients. We’re standing by to do the same for you.

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