Allen Built In Patio Heaters


How can Allen built in outdoor heating systems improve your family’s use of your home’s outdoor space? At JetStream Outdoor Cooling & Heating, our patio heating systems in Allen TX can increase comfort and usability for your outdoor areas, delighting your family and guests to your home.

If you have tried wood-burning Allen patio heaters, but you are just not satisfied with their performance, you need one of our built in outdoor heating systems in Allen TX at your home. These more sophisticated systems can provide higher output with less maintenance than traditional wood-burning options, allowing you to entertain in style and comfort without sacrificing aesthetics.

JetStream’s Allen patio heating systems can integrate beautifully with your existing outdoor space — residential and commercial — allowing you to activate heaters with the simple flip of a switch. Make outdoor heating easy and mess-free with the help of our JetStream team!


Allen built in outdoor heating systems — going far beyond fire pits

Patio heating systems in Allen TX can be incredibly stylish and convenient. At JetStream, we offer a diverse array of electric, infrared, propane and gas options that are designed to suit your needs, budget and lifestyle.

  • If you prioritize convenience, you may benefit from our plug-and-go electric options, which can also be attractively mounted flush with ceilings and walls.
  • Infrared systems offer an even higher-tech solution, keeping your guests warm through direct wave heating that does not even disturb the surrounding air.
  • More traditional, combustible Allen patio heating systems options — those with propane and natural gas — are easy to operate and can offer higher power for your larger outdoor spaces, as well.

With so many available patio heaters in Allen TX, you are sure to find the right fit at JetStream. Our team can provide you with a walk-through consultation for your home, designing a custom system for your individual needs.

Your family members and friends deserve to feel comfortable and warm while using your outdoor space — and our Allen built in outdoor heating systems can deliver. Extend the use of your patio into the cooler months with a personalized heating design. Contact JetStream today to get started on your individualized system.

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