Allen Outdoor Misting Systems


The hot Texas summers can make your outdoor spaces uninhabitable — but what if you invested in one of our Allen outdoor misting systems?

At JetStream Outdoor Cooling & Heating, our teams can provide you with information about the most reliable outdoor cooling systems in Allen TX. Your family members and friends do not have to resort to fanning themselves to stay comfortable in your outdoor spaces or retreat inside where the temperature is bearable. Instead of relying on human-powered cooling systems, why not think about Allen patio misters to keep your residential spaces comfortable?

Stay cool, calm, and comfortable with the help of an Allen patio fan or misting system from JetStream!


Allen outdoor misting systems that deliver real results

With temperatures in Texas easily reaching into the 100s every summer, your outdoor spaces can quickly become uncomfortable, even if they are partially covered or in the shade. With the help of our JetStream outdoor cooling systems in Allen TX, you can drop the temperature in your outdoor space by as much as 25 degrees! How is that possible?

  • JetStream uses a proprietary flash cooling design for our outdoor misting systems in Allen TX. The secret behind this approach is simple — we use a high-powered, 1,000 PSI pump to deliver mist that rapidly evaporates, drawing the heat right out of the air.
  • This is more powerful than other Allen outdoor cooling systems because the mister is not designed to spray water on your guests, but rather to quickly and effectively lower the temperature.

Add an extra level of protection to keep your misting system running like new with our exclusive annual system service program… we’ll do your first season winterization and startup during the first year we install your system.  Call for details.

Instead of traditional patio misters in Allen TX — which generally leave your guests damp and still generally uncomfortable — why not consider our Allen outdoor misting systems from JetStream? We offer cooling boxes, high-pressure misting fans and a variety of other solutions to suit your residential or commercial needs. Reclaim the use of your outdoor space on even the warmest Texas afternoon with the help of our temperature control professionals. Contact our team today to learn more!

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