Arlington Commercial Outdoor Misting Fans


Whether it be our top-of-the line outdoor cooling systems or our Arlington commercial outdoor misting fans, JetStream has the solution for your outdoor cooling needs.

We specialize in offering a vast array of options that meet any design specification. Afraid your outdoor area is too large? JetStream has commercial misting systems in Arlington TX that will suit any size of outdoor gathering area.


Don’t misting systems get everything wet?

Most Arlington commercial misting systems simply throw a ton of water into the air, causing anything in its path to become saturated and uncomfortable — especially clothes. The Arlington commercial misting system offered by JetStream, however, doesn’t suffer this pitfall.

Since our systems use such a small amount of water pushed to a pressure of 1000 PSI, very little — if any — water is actually felt in the air. Yet, our commercial outdoor misting fans in Arlington TX can easily drop the temperature of any outdoor area by up to 25 degrees. Imagine the difference you and your guests will feel on those scorching summer days.


An Arlington commercial mist cooling system with no bulky hardware

For many businesses, the major downside to many Arlington commercial outdoor misting fans is their sheer size. While we do also offer large fans —ideal for large, industrial outdoor settings — we also offer tiny jets contained within ducts for a more aesthetically pleasing system.

With our commercial misting systems in Arlington TX, the major components are installed in the attic or crawl space. This gives our customers a ton of flexibility when it comes to design and installation while performing exceedingly better than any other system on the market.

During the first season we install your system, we will also include our winterization and startup service, which includes inspection, line drainage, storage, service and start-up.  This services ensures your system runs at peak efficiency to keep you cool during the critical summer months.  You can continue this service by signing up for our exclusive annual winterization agreement.

If you want to transform your outdoor gathering area to a cool and comfortable paradise year-round, call JetStream for our Arlington commercial outdoor misting fans and systems. Our sales staff will listen to your needs and put together a package that will fit both your financial and cooling requirements.


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