Arlington Outdoor Misting Systems


Welcome to the home for innovative, highly effective Arlington outdoor misting systems. Here at JetStream Outdoor Cooling & Heating, we have worked to develop one of the most cutting-edge methods in which to cool down outdoor areas such as restaurants, porches, patios and more.

Our outdoor cooling systems in Arlington TX boast a proprietary method for cooling an outdoor space. These Arlington patio misters release high-pressure mist into the area. Because of the high air pressure and low volume of water, the moisture almost immediately evaporates, which eliminates the ambient heat.

With our Arlington patio fan systems, you are able to drop the temperature throughout your outdoor area by as much as 25 degrees!


Outdoor misting systems in Arlington TX that keep you cool — and dry

You’ve probably seen traditional patio misters in Arlington TX — the kind that spray you with a fine mist, which can leave you feeling a little damp. Our Arlington outdoor cooling systems are different, which is why so many high-end commercial establishments lean on our team and services.

Thanks to the flash evaporation techniques of our Arlington outdoor misting systems, our cooling equipment does not get everything wet — it only cools the area. You and your guests don’t have to walk away feeling damp and uncomfortable.

Our exclusive winterization and Spring start-up service is included during the first year we install your system.  Most clients continue this convenient service by signing up for our annual maintenance program.


Talk to us about our outdoor cooling systems in Arlington TX

We boast a variety of solutions — from our full, ducted outdoor cooling system to high-pressure misting fans and box coolers. Our staff can take some time to learn about the scope of your project and help match you with Arlington outdoor misting systems that work best. We even provide heating solutions. Consult with our team and enhance the comfort of your outdoor spaces.

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