Boerne Restaurant Patio Heating System


For your outdoor heating and cooling needs, you need the JetStream Boerne restaurant patio heating system. Our system will prove to be the absolute best on the market. Designed to achieve the optimal level of comfort, your guests will never complain of being too hot or too cold. Bring life back to your outdoor seating area with our Boerne restaurant patio cooling system.


Custom Designed

Each outdoor space is designed differently. Some have available overhead crawl spaces for duct installation while some require a self-contained system. With this in mind, JetStream offers a fully customizable restaurant patio cooling solution in Boerne TX.

From high-pressure misting fans to our standalone cooling boxes, our restaurant patio cooling system in Boerne TX offers your patrons comfort and relaxation.


No moisture to worry about

Often, when misting fans are used in a Boerne restaurant patio cooling system, moisture builds up on both patio surfaces and restaurant goers. To combat this, JetStream’s misting fans use a 1000 PSI pump system, causing the moisture to undergo flash evaporation. Essentially, the high-pressure mist causes the temperature to fall by as much as 25 degrees.


We can service your system too

Let us handle your misting system winterization and startup so you don’t have to!  We will winterize, store and service your pump, and then will start up your system in the Spring before the warmer weather arrives.  Our start-up includes reinstallation of your pump, as well as testing and inspection to ensure your system works exactly as it should.  We’ll do the winterization and startup during your first season at no charge!


We can also create a Boerne restaurant patio heating system for your outdoor space

Instead of closing your outdoor area, lowering the number of customers you can seat, opt for a JetStream heating system. We offer our heating systems in a variety of formats, allowing you to choose which are best suited for your restaurant’s needs.

From electric to natural gas, and even propane, we can customize a restaurant patio heating system in Boerne TX that will make your restaurant’s outdoor dining area the go-to destination for comfort.

No matter how good your food is, your customers want to be comfortable when dining at your restaurant. That’s why you need a Boerne restaurant patio heating system from JetStream. To get more information, give us a call today. Our team of experts will find the right packages to solve all of your outdoor heating and cooling needs.

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