Dallas Outdoor Misting Systems


Welcome to JetStream Outdoor Cooling & Heating, where we invite you to explore our wide range of Dallas outdoor misting systems.

It’s no mystery — it can get HOT around here during the summer months. This heat is excruciating enough to drive folks inside instead of enjoying fun outdoor spaces and experiences. With our outdoor cooling systems in Dallas TX, you can make outdoor spaces comfortable once again.

The following is a rundown on the various Dallas patio misters that we provide and how they can benefit your home or commercial space.

  • JetStream outdoor cooling system: This is the most complex and effective of our outdoor misting systems in Dallas TX. The JetStream outdoor cooling system is a ducted system (attic or crawlspace is required) that delivers high pressured mist that flash evaporates in order to destroy the ambient heat in the air.
  • Outdoor cooling boxes: Similar to our full Dallas outdoor cooling systems, the cooling boxes implement the same cooling technology but are more suited for areas where ducted systems cannot be installed. These boxes can be seamlessly implemented into your outdoor space without creating an eyesore.
  • High-pressure Dallas patio fan: If you’re looking for more traditional patio misters in Dallas TX, our high-pressure patio fans are a great find. These make for effective outdoor cooling systems in Dallas TX because they use high-pressured mist that flash evaporates so it doesn’t get everything all wet like most other misters do.

Our Dallas outdoor misting systems are trusted by residential and commercial clients alike. That’s the beauty of our systems — no matter how big or small your outdoor area might be, we can customize your system to fit your needs.

Plus, when you add our exclusive annual service program to your misting system, we will inspect, test and service the system to keep it running at peak output.  This includes replacing clogged nozzles, draining your lines, and servicing and storing your high pressure pump during the winter months to avoid freeze issues.  We include this winterization and startup during your first season of installation.

Let’s get started! We’d love to walk you through our Dallas outdoor misting systems and how they can benefit you. Connect with the team at JetStream to get started.

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