Fort Worth Commercial Outdoor Misting Fans


Fort Worth commercial outdoor misting fans are a great way to save energy with outdoor cooling for a home or business. We’ve all heard our parents say, “Shut the door – I’m not paying to air condition the outdoors!” That was true — until commercial misting systems in Fort Worth TX became popular.


Fort Worth commercial misting systems Ideal for any outdoor setting

Restaurants aren’t the only business in need of outdoor cooling. Have you ever been at a theme park and walk through a fine mist? That’s a version of a Fort Worth commercial mist cooling system. They are ideal for:

  • Playgrounds/parks
  • Open air shopping malls
  • Sporting events
  • Theme parks
  • And more

The truth is, any event that is outdoors in the scorching heat can benefit from commercial outdoor misting fans in Fort Worth TX — and JetStream Outdoor Cooling & Heating can provide you with such.


Energy efficient solutions

Could you imagine running an air conditioning system on an outdoor patio or open-air event? Imagine the energy bill you would get each month just by running it for a few hours. It would also be wildly inefficient; the system couldn’t possibly keep every inch of the patio comfortable.

Fort Worth commercial outdoor misting fans, on the other hand, are capable of keeping every part of your outdoor space comfortable. JetStream’s products operate entirely different from an air conditioning unit. While an AC blows cold air into the space, our commercial misting systems in Fort Worth TX release small vapors of pressurized water into the air that, when they evaporate, removes the heat out of the air.

Only a small amount of water is used, which is nothing compared to the amount of electricity or gas used in an air conditioning system. The high-pressure pump uses only a small amount of electricity, too.

Protect your misting system with our annual winterization and startup service!  We will winterize, service and store your high pressure pump in the Fall, and then reinstall, inspect and test your system in the Spring, replacing clogged nozzles and ensuring your system is fully functioning.  We’ll include winterization and startup during the first year we install your system.  Most of our clients continue with this important convenient service each year thereafter.

If you’re looking for a way to cool your outdoor patio or seating area without breaking the bank, consider using the Fort Worth commercial outdoor misting fans by JetStream. Call today to see how our systems are revolutionizing how consumers view outdoor cooling systems.


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