Fort Worth Outdoor Misting Systems


If you are curious about Fort Worth outdoor misting systems and how they can be used to bring comfort to your residential or commercial outdoor space, then we invite you to explore the exciting products at JetStream Outdoor Cooling & Heating.

We have created, and can customize, outdoor cooling systems in Fort Worth TX for your residential or commercial patio, porch and other outdoor space. These are not your typical Fort Worth patio misters, which consist of a mister and a fan.

In fact, our outdoor misting systems in Fort Worth TX provide an abundance of benefits when compared to their more traditional counterparts.

  • For starters, our Fort Worth outdoor cooling systems effectively lower the temperature throughout your outdoor space — in some cases, they make the temperature drop by a whopping 25 degrees! Not all patio misters in Fort Worth TX can accomplish the same.
  • Our Fort Worth outdoor misting systems can be customized to your space, as well. Our JetStream outdoor cooling system is a full, ducted system that uses high-powered mist and flash evaporation to cool down the area. With the duct work, all the hardware goes seamlessly into the space without getting in the way or hurting its aesthetic appeal.
  • If your outdoor space doesn’t have the necessary crawl or attic space to create a duct system we have other methods of outdoor cooling systems in Fort Worth TX — from our high-pressure misting fans to our outdoor cooling boxes.

While the typical Fort Worth patio fan can leave behind excessive moisture and saturate everyone in their path, the flash evaporation of our proprietary system leaves everything cool, yet dry!

When you add a misting system to your outdoor space, sign up for our exclusive annual service program (winterization and startup) to keep your system running like new for years to come.  We will handle your first startup and winterization during your first year of installation no charge.


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