Plano Commercial Outdoor Misting Fans


JetStream Outdoor Cooling & Heating is revolutionizing the outdoor environment market with our Plano commercial outdoor misting fans and systems. What once was a nearly insurmountable problem is solved with a system hailed and applauded for the advancements made in the way we cool outdoor areas.


Perfect for any outdoor setting

Regardless of the size of the space, or your clientele, JetStream’s commercial misting systems in Plano TX are the perfect fit. Our high-pressure Plano commercial mist system is ideal for:

  • Industrial settings
  • Business and restaurant patios
  • Outdoor cooling
  • Theme parks and sporting events
  • And more

We can customize our commercial outdoor misting fans in Plano TX to fit your needs. Call today to see how!


Choosing the right Plano commercial misting systems

When you call our team, we will talk to you about many things to help us ensure we are offering the best fit. Some of these factors include:

  • General wind direction
  • Humidity
  • Time of day where usage will be the highest
  • Cost and budget requirements

Unlike other outdoor cooling companies, JetStream is sure to have a solution for you because we’ll build one from the ground up.


Why a JetStream Plano commercial mist cooling system?

With JetStream Outdoor Cooling & Heating, you’re not just buying a product — you’re buying from a company that has the experience and reputation of success.

We have partnered with some of the best manufacturers to ensure our customers are only getting the highest quality in Plano commercial outdoor misting fans and systems. Our commercial misting systems in Plano TX will outperform any other system on the market — plain and simply.

Plus, when you add our exclusive annual service program to your misting system, we will inspect, test and service the system to keep it running at peak output.  This includes replacing clogged nozzles, draining your lines, and servicing and storing your high pressure pump during the winter months to avoid freeze issues.  We include this winterization and startup during your first year of installation.

If you want to make your residential or commercial property much more appealing in the summer time, call JetStream today about our Plano commercial outdoor misting fans and systems. Don’t make your guests and customers suffer in the unbearable Texas heat; transform your outdoor area into your own paradise.


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