Plano Outdoor Misting Systems


Experience the many benefits that come with JetStream Outdoor Cooling & Heating and our advanced Plano outdoor misting systems. Our team is ready to show you through our innovative product line and show you how our solutions can make your outdoor spaces so much more comfortable.


Cutting-edge outdoor cooling systems in Plano TX

When you dig into our available products and systems, you will quickly find out that these are not your typical Plano patio misters. In fact, our Plano patio fan systems are designed with proprietary technology that utilizes something that is known as “flash evaporation.”

  • This is when water is ejected at an incredibly high pressure (1,000 PSI), which forces it to evaporate quickly before it can get anyone – or anything — wet.
  • Not only do our outdoor misting systems in Plano TX keep people and objects dry, the flash evaporation extracts the ambient heat in the air to bring down the temperature.
  • With our Plano outdoor cooling systems, you can bring down the temperature of a given area by as much as 25 degrees. Even on very hot, summer days, folks will feel completely comfortable and cool — it’s almost like magic!

One of our most popular products is our complete, outdoor cooling system. These are Plano outdoor misting systems that utilize ducts, which are built into the structure or overhang of the area. This means that an attic or crawl space is required to customize and install these outdoor cooling systems in Plano TX — but the results are unbelievable. These systems mesh perfectly with your outdoor space and are barely visible.

We also have patio misters in Plano TX that come in the form of standalone cooling boxes (for spaces without an attic or crawl space) and misting fans that utilize the same flash evaporation technology.

During the first season we install your system, we will include our winterization and startup service, which includes inspection, line drainage, storage, service and start-up.  This services ensures your system runs at peak efficiency to keep you cool during the critical summer months.  You can continue this service by signing up for our exclusive annual winterization agreement.

The bottom line is, we can create Plano outdoor misting systems that fit your residential or commercial project. Whether you’re starting a construction project or want to retrofit an existing space with one of our systems, our team is standing by to help.

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