Round Rock Outdoor Misting Systems


Are you looking for Round Rock outdoor misting systems that will effectively keep your outdoor areas cool and comfortable? We welcome you to explore the products and solutions we have available right now at JetStream Outdooring Cooling & Heating.

We have outdoor cooling systems in Round Rock TX that are unlike anything else on the market, including a complete, ducted system that our crews can build right into the structure of your outdoor facility. In order to implement this system of Round Rock patio misters, though, you must have an available attic or crawl space.

If not, we can provide you with standalone cooling boxes or a Round Rock patio fan that can prove to be effective.

Protect your misting system with our annual winterization and startup service!  We will winterize, service and store your high pressure pump in the Fall, and then reinstall, inspect and test your system in the Spring, replacing clogged nozzles and ensuring your system is fully functioning.  We’ll include winterization and startup during the first year we install your system.  Most of our clients continue with this important convenient service each year thereafter.


Need a single Round Rock patio fan? An entire, custom-made system?

No matter the scope of your project, the team at JetStream can tailor outdoor misting systems in Round Rock TX to meet the unique needs of your outdoor venue or area. Some of the clients that rely on our Round Rock outdoor cooling systems include:

  • Commercial clients: Our patio misters in Round Rock TX are very popular with hospitality businesses — primarily restaurants, reception halls and anyone that can benefit from providing a year-round, comfortable outdoor space for their customers to enjoy.
  • Residential clients: You don’t have to run a business to enjoy our Round Rock outdoor misting systems — you can bring the convenience to your own home. From porches and patios to outdoor kitchens, our solutions can drop temperatures in your outdoor space up to 25 degrees thanks to our proprietary technology that utilizes flash evaporation techniques.


Talk to the JetStream staff about our outdoor cooling systems in Round Rock TX

We’d love to walk you through our available solutions and find the perfect fit for your home or building — even if that takes creating a system from scratch. Talk to JetStream and experience the very best Round Rock outdoor misting systems.


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