San Antonio Outdoor Misting Systems


If your residential or commercial patio or porch is stifling hot during the warmer months, you can find comfort with one of the most innovative San Antonio outdoor misting systems on the market.

Here at JetStream Outdoor Cooling & Heating, we have innovative solutions that you can implement in your outdoor area to maximize comfort all year round. We invite you to browse our outdoor cooling systems in San Antonio TX to see how our propriety setups differ from all the other generic products on the market.


Not your typical San Antonio patio misters

When most folks picture San Antonio patio fan misters, they envision those high-powered fans that blow around a fine mist — enough to leave you feeling a little refreshed, but also kind of wet.

Here at JetStream, we have created proprietary outdoor misting systems in San Antonio TX that utilizes what is called “flash evaporation.” By using high pressures to eject a fine mist, we are able to trigger this process, which means everyone nearby won’t get wet and the evaporation of the water will absorb the heat and effectively cool down the area.

With our San Antonio outdoor cooling systems, you are able to lower the temperature in your outdoor area by as much as 25 degrees!


Tailoring San Antonio outdoor misting systems to meet your needs

Outdoor areas can range in size, shape, set-up and more. We set out to offer outdoor cooling systems in San Antonio TX that are flexible and can meet the demands of just about any project.

When you work with JetStream, we can inspect the area to determine if it can facilitate a system of ducted patio misters in San Antonio TX. If the space lacks the necessary attic or crawl space, then we can also show you our box coolers or high-pressure misting fans that don’t require duct work and can stand on their own.

Let us handle your misting system winterization and startup so you don’t have to!  We will winterize, store and service your pump, and then will start up your system in the Spring before the warmer weather arrives.  Our start-up includes reinstallation of your pump, as well as testing and inspection to ensure your system works exactly as it should.  We’ll do the winterization and startup during your first season at no charge!

We’re confident you will find that our San Antonio outdoor misting systems will greatly enhance the usability of your outdoor space. Get started by connecting with our team.

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